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Bat Trang ceramics


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Bat Trang is the common name for the type of pottery produced in the village of Bat Trang, a traditional pottery village of Vietnam and famous

Since the products of Bat Trang was born the regal rank Elites in Thang Long for hands and feet are covered in mud farmer in the countryside are preferred. Moreover, many everyday household items in Bat Trang, over land borders Vietnam. From the fifteenth century, Bat Trang ceramics are present in the tribute ceremony for the Chinese emperor with a traditionally-made pottery from thousands of years ago and is famous throughout the world. From then on, any time, whether or popular thinking, the Bat Trang has affirmed the value of their goods, pottery stand still and overcome all challenges.

For several decades, the vitality of the traditional village is still blown up by thousands of kilns burning day and night. Currently, in the Bat Trang pottery has not used a lot of coal, straw or wood burning stove that was used for industrial furnaces burning gas to limit the environmental pollution and also reduce the amount of waste.

According to the artisans of the village, popular subject of Bat Trang products are dragons, phoenixes, parallel sentences, pattern, scene, landscape flowers, nature scenes ... reflects the spirituality and philosophy of the people of Vietnam.

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gom su bat trang 201291793019167

From the last century, Bat Trang pottery mainly worship. Later Bat Trang has many household items, most popular dishes, plates, vases, jars, cups. And today, Bat Tranghas many items rich in variety and style, including items such as disk wall art, vases, animals, statues and reliefs version with technical and high technology. The collection of Bat Trang ceramics have reached the pinnacle of the art manufacturing and engineering ceramics in Vietnam.

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Bat Trang ceramic products are not only popular in the country but also exported to many countries around the world since 1990, including Japan, South Korea, the U.S. and the EU member countries. Many of Bat Trang ceramics products are stored in a number of major museums around the world such as the Museum Royaux - Belgium, Guimet Museum -France.
Recently, the Bat Trang Ceramics Association has established export promotion center and proceed  branding "Bat Trang Vietnam - 1000 years of tradition."
Every year, Bat Trang village festival is held on February 15 (lunar calendar) and usually lasts 7 days.

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