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Beaches near Hanoi (part 1)


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Although Hanoi is uncomparable to Ho Chi Minh City in terms of close proximity to wonderful beach, there is still a few options in case you want to immerse in ocean water or have a weekend away with friends and families.

Sam Son

Sam Son is a popular beach destination in Hanoi tour, although mostly among the locals. Founded by the French in 1907, this small town was then developed into a resort town to serve the demand of the French colony and the Nguyen dynasty. Nowadays, Sam Son, which is located just 170 km from Hanoi and offers a wide range of services and attractions, has become one of the busiest tourism hubs in the Northern and Northern Central Vietnam.

Sam Son has for long been renowned for its flat white-sand beaches, which stretch over 10 km along the beachfront promenade, also the centre of the town. During summertime, these beaches are always buzzy with a lot of Vietnamese vacationers. The boisterous atmosphere of Sam Son also means that there are lots of interesting stuffs for you to try, be it the typical sunbathing, playing beach sport, building sandcastle or ordering some seafood from the walking vendors. However, if you prefer private space and luxury service, then those high-class resorts or hotel in Ha noi with their own beaches, swimming pools and spas are not only available but also in abundance.

Sam Son Beach
Sam Son Beach

While Sam Son is one of the most famous coastal towns in Vietnam, beaches are not the only attractions of this bountiful region. Duong Coc Lake and Truong Le Mountain are among the most beautiful natural creations in Thanh Hoa, so beautiful that they are often compared to a real-life paintings. A day trip to these places will certainly reward you with great enjoyment and appreciation of Vietnam’s natural landscape.A a Carte Sam Son.

Cat Ba

Cat Ba is the main island in an archipelago, which is also named Cat Ba. As the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin and surrounded by the stunning seascape of Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba has what it takes to become a tourism hub. In fact, acknowledging the potential of the island, the French, when they occupied Vietnam, had built Cat Ba into an established resort town of Tonkin. Today, Cat Ba, with its improving infrastructure and facilities, has been witnessing the influx of Vietnamese vacationers and foreign tourists every summer.

Cat Ba Island

The most famous beaches in Hanoi tour are located on Cat Ba Island. They are the three lovely short beaches sandwiched between giant stones, namely Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3. Nearby islands also have some very attractive yet less crowded beaches, such as Cat Dua, Cat Ong, Cat Trai Gai and Duong Danh. During summer, the crystal clear water, the luminous waves and the bracing wind under the sun turn these beaches into real paradises amidst the arid weather of Northern Vietnam.

Nonetheless, Cat Ba is not only about laying under the sun or diving into the water. Indeed, it is a lively coastal town that lightens up during the night. Cycling on double-bicycle along the wind-blowing coastal roads of Cat Ba is truly a romantic experience. A day trip to the nearby Lan Ha Bay, which is as mesmerizing as Ha Long Bay, or the mountainous, jungle-clad Cat Ba National Park will definitely enchant you.


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