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Fish noodles Hanoi


bun cha ca

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bun ca

Water used for noodle dishes from fish bones and fish heads and security, along with the bones of pigs tube for more fresh water. The meat is separated bone, marinated with spices and bring fried gold. When eaten, the individual pieces are piling up on noodles and vegetables (probably vegetables, needs or vertical nets), add a little cumin, a few pieces of tomato. 

Fish noodle dish is not causing tired, very very sweet sound.
Perch fish is delicious, is often used as the main raw material for fish noodle dish. InHanoi, Dang Tien Dong outside the noodle fish, and lots of delicious noodles perch. But every noodle stall to create a focal point for your own.

Located in the small alley Trung Yen Dinh Liet streets, fish noodle stall area tree Si Sam extremely modest. Only a small bar in the corner of the market, with a few side table together. Yet not consistent when customers break.
Nearby shop not only by fish noodle with pineapple scented tomato, clear broth, sweet, fried perch, and green vegetables, sprouts, but also by members full golden fried fishnursery, a great crunchy special. Meat and fish book - "star" brightest, food "cabinet" of the store again.
Noodles Hanoi fish abundance and diversity, a voice in her own, becomes love joy, nostalgia, a lasting impression to people far away always remember.

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