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Hotel in Hanoi City always have the dedicated guidance of tourist attractions in the city. So you do not hesitate to ask about places to buy souvenirs here. Here are some typical gift:

1. Bat Trang

Bat Trang 20km from downtown Hanoi. But in the suburbs, but also very rewarding to go, to experience. Coming here is not only molded ceramic hand but also can afford the extremely sophisticated products as a gift.

Bat trang
Bat trang

Bat Trang are not only provided to people in Hanoi and other provinces also come to many, through traders, through the gift of travel to friends. Peaceful village, pottery crafted, meticulous, come here and look for your very lovely gift from a very Hanoi villages.

2. Specific domains DA

Cu Da is one of Hanoi’s old village, famous not only seem quaint, rustic northern villages but also specialties of idyllic, dear. People know that wholegrain with relative with vermicelli. 

Wholegrain in Thanh Oai, Hanoi center also only about 20km. There, there is a very beautiful Hanoi, a very different Hanoi are waiting to be explored and brought gifts for the friends.

3. Van Phuc silk

On the Old Quarter of Hanoi is no shortage of shiny silk sheets, tourism. But the world is made of silk Hanoi Old flowers should taste should not only encapsulated in such space. Van Phuc silk, Ha Dong how life is quietly quietly, silently makes the charm of Hanoi in stories about the village.

Van Phuc silk
Van Phuc silk

Silk is not only famous but also Tonkin on film, sticking with a Hanoi life very old, very affectionate. Visit Van Phuc silk is not only scrumptious buy affordable but also has had one colored, one dry silk in a sunny courtyard. Space and soft colors. Hanoi every graceful, gentle way.

Hanoi has such a casual, warm in each small gifts sent to the guests from afar. Arrive in Hanoi do not need these shopping centers, recreation areas extravaganza. Hanoi warm in the warm home gift. Hopefully, what you feel in this place beautiful as what visualize, imagine.

Hanoi Tourism and choose their own individual gifts will add fun to the trip.

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