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Saint Joseph Cathedral (Big Church in Viet Nam)


Saint Joseph Cathedral

Saint Joseph Cathedral (simply called “Big Church” in Vietnamese) is located on Nha Chung Street near the Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. This is a Roman Catholic cathedral with neo- gothic style like Pais Cathedral, which was built over 100 years ago.

Welcome to Saint Joseph Cathedral (Big Church) in Ha Noi tours.

Big church
Big church

In 1882, after the French army conquered Hanoi, the cathedral was constructed and completed in 1886. The cathedral were built on the land belonging to Bao Thien pagoda – an important pagoda that dates from the 12th century Ly Dynasty.

As it was mentioned, the architecture with domes of the cathedral follows the Gothic style and design of Paris Cathedral. It is 64.5 meters in length, 20.5 meters in width with two bell towers of 31.5 meters height. Besides Western style, the main interior part is decorated in Vietnamese way with two typical colors yellow and red. Outside, in front of the cathedral is the statue of Mother Maria.

Big church architecture
Big church architecture

The first Christmas took place in the cathedral in 1887. And then, the Saint Joseph Cathedral is always crowded with hundreds of people including both Christians and non-Christians at the weekend or during religious holidays like Christmas until now.

Today, taking advantage of beautiful architecture and good venue at the center of the city, the area surrounding the cathedral is always packed with hundreds of local people and tourists hanging out with friends for drinking, talking, and watching the street of Ha Noi tours. Moreover, the Saint Joseph Cathedral is not only the attractive place for Christian couples hold their wedding, but also a great venue for non- religious grooms and brides to take nice wedding shots.

Big church
Big church


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