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Visit Hanoi to buy little gifts


little gifts

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1. O MAI

O mai has topped the list of the gifts of Hanoi. Not only because of habit that indeed tomorrow Hanoi Car extremely tasty, extremely addictive. Hardly a street where only full original box sale tomorrow from generation to generation, Hang Road.

O mai

Oh mai Hanoi is the essence, is the gift that the Hanoi Aromatic Herbs storage hard work. Not only are you familiar umbrella ume of school age, tomorrow Hanoi umbrella hundred kinds with different ways of processing, eat a whole box full time but still fragrant nostalgic cravings.

Hanoi people like Van Loi Car tomorrow on Hang Da, also in Hong Lam, Toan Thinh, along Hang Road Car shop tomorrow … always makes people excited, enraptured. Depart Hanoi, do not miss to watch the Sword Lake, do not forget to buy the box tomorrow as a gift for family and friends.

These hotels in Hanoi city can tell you where the best buy O Mai.

2. COM

Hanoi nuggets sweet aroma that many people anxiety. Hanoi is famous nuggets Vong village, but besides that there are nuggets Lu, Me Tri Com … Com Hanoi slight scent, wrapped in lotus leaf helped soothe, roasted with a little sugar, eating as he recalled the children.


Fresh nuggets often sold in the fall, on the street bike, have something sweet, somewhat Hanoi, seen too warm. Hanoi does not meet autumn, not feeling fragrant nuggets marinated in foil but could buy cereal, bread crumb as a gift purchase. However aftertaste was not like the beginning, but can go a long way without fear of damage.


Hang Trong paintings of Hanoi is one of the three lines of the famous folk paintings of old. This festival which to hang paintings and to worship. But today is not necessarily to play church painting or playing the festival which is to remember to Hanoi, to put something interesting ethereal.


Artisan’s only surviving line this picturesque Le Dinh perusing that is specific, town house on East End. The passionate artist, decided to keep the fire of ethnic elites. Love Hanoi visit Hanoi and retain part of Hanoi memorabilia. Story Hanoi, considerate Hanoi Hanoi cultural mentoring, reminiscent in each picture.

Take a family's friend organized stays Hanoi tour to buy your precious gift. 


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